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Young family 'terrified' after drive-by shooting in Melbourne



A family has been forced to take shelter in a bedroom after a group of offenders opened fire on two units in Melbourne's south-east.

Baryalai Rahmanzai was home with his three young children and pregnant wife on Sunday night when multiple shots were fired into his home on Burrows Avenue in Dandenong about 11.10pm.

"They were very scared. I told them don't go tomorrow to school because they [were] just crying that night," Rahmanzai told 9News.

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The shots were also fired at the unit next door, hitting doors and a car.

Omid Hassan was picking up a work car when the shots were fired.

9News understands the three masked offenders were armed with two pistols and fired at least eight rounds into both units.

"I heard like shooting, shooting, shooting, bang, bang, bang. I was terrified and scared," Hassan said.

"From inside I was yelling, 'sir don't shoot, I've got nothing'. I [was] coming out with my hands behind my head."

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The 32-year-old moved to Australia from Afghanistan in 2021 after working as an interpreter on the frontline with allied forces.

He told 9News he was worried his past had followed him to Melbourne.

"I thought it was a safe country. I fled to Australia to seek shelter," Hassan said.

Police are probing if a car found on fire on Oaks Court in Lysterfield South is linked.

9News understands police are investigating whether it was a targeted attack or a case of mistaken identity.

One avenue being explored is whether any previous or current owners of the rental properties had any criminal links.

The offenders remain on the run as police continue to investigate. 

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