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Young child sick after eating undercooked Macca's nuggets



A Christchurch mum has been left dealing with a sick child, after chicken nuggets purchased from McDonald's turned out to be undercooked.

Anna Cooper ordered the nuggets from the Hillmorton McDonald's on Monday evening, but only noticed there were not properly cooked after her son had already eaten one.

This comes amid several reports of raw chicken being served at McDonald's restaurants in Auckland, including chicken nuggets and chicken burgers.

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Cooper said her husband had ripped up some of the nuggets to cool them down before their son ate them.

"He gave them to him and he hadn't looked at them, but I noticed that the two that were left on his tray were pink and he'd already eaten one," she said.

Cooper said she was "a bit pissed off" when she realised the chicken was not properly cooked and gave her son plenty of water in the hopes it would flush it out of his system.

He seemed fine but the next day he fell sick and vomited on several occasions, she said.

Cooper, who had worked at McDonald's in the past, said it was inexcusable.

"Train your blimmin' staff properly, I used to work at Macca's so I know everything has a time, everything has its own button … I just don't know how they aren't checking these things."

"I think home-cooked chicken nuggets are the only way to go now," she said.

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A McDonald's spokesperson said the Hillmorton restaurant received a complaint regarding an undercooked product on Wednesday via Stuff and then from the customer directly.

"We treat any complaint of this nature very seriously, and the restaurant franchisee and management immediately instigated an investigation, which is ongoing.

"Restaurant management have been in contact with the customer, to check on the wellbeing of the customer's child and explain the investigation process, and immediate actions taken," the spokesperson said said.

McDonald's would share the findings of its investigations into undercooked products with all of its outlets, the spokesperson said.

"While incidents relating to undercooked products in recent weeks have been unrelated, as a business McDonald's takes any type of food safety complaint extremely seriously. Findings and learnings are being shared with all restaurants, and a heightened focus on food safety has been implemented nationwide."

This article originally appeared on Stuff and has been reproduced with permission.

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