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Woolworths reveals how it upcycles old bread to avoid wastage



Woolworths supermarket has revealed how it upcycles old bread to create a new product and avoid wastage.

The company has shared a video on social media platform TikTok showing how workers at its store in Double Bay in Sydney give unsold loaves of bread "a new life in the delicious form of garlic bread".

The video explains that if loaves of bread are not sold before they are no longer fresh, they are cut and filled with garlic butter, then frozen for 12 hours before being sold as garlic bread.

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Many TikTok users have commented that they "love" the idea, asking for Woolworths to take up the initiative in all stores.

Many other users have commented that the store could give the unsold bread away to the less fortunate, as is done by many other stores.

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