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Woman screams for help after car explodes in 'traumatic' incident



A mother of three is fighting for her life after her car exploded into flames, severely burning nearly 40 per cent of her body.

The woman's blue Commodore caught alight in Mount Helena, Western Australia, just before 6.30 last night.

Residents on Honey Road, Mill End said they heard multiple explosions and ran to help when they witnessed the woman screaming and "tearing her clothes off".

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The 33-year-old suffered full-thickness burns to 38 per cent of her face and body as she tried to escape the burning vehicle.

She was airlifted to Fiona Stanley Hospital where she remains. 

Her recently separated ex-husband, 42, received less severe burns and was taken into police custody after being treated at Fiona Stanley Hospital.

Locals and police both told 9News that the incident was "traumatic".

"It's tragic. A young woman has got significant burns to her body, which is going to take a long time to treat and then the rest of her life will be impacted by that," Inspector Glen Beros told 9News.

"The community members who [were] on-site are going to be affected by what they saw."

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Police are unaware if both people were inside the car when the fire started.

They are investigating the incident as there has been a past history of domestic violence between the couple, according to police.

No one else was injured.

The car has been seized by police.

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