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Woman crashes into parked car on Christmas morning



Queensland Police said the crash near the intersection of Crestbrook Drv and Minaret Way was reported at 11.35am. The 22-year-old driver reportedly hit the side of the parked car, pushing it out onto the road to block traffic. Both vehicles were not drivable. Queensland Ambulance said the woman sustained a facial injury after hitting her head on the steering wheel. Paramedics transported her to Townsville University Hospital in a stable condition. The vehicles were cleared from the road at 12.30pm Four-wheel drive hit by train at level crossingTHE back of a four-wheel drive has been ripped off by a freight train at a level crossing 13km south of Home Hill on Wednesday.Queensland Police said the crash near the Bruce Highway, at the intersection of Daniel Rd and Gardner Rd, was reported at 4.10pm. The freight train was not derailed by the collision which tore the tray of the ute off.A spokesperson for Queensland Rail said the rail traffic crew were perfectly okay and were relieved of their duties.“At the moment they are having the level crossing inspected to make sure trains can begin to start operating”.“We are just making sure that train is safe to processed before the rest can as well,” the spokesperson said.It was situated a significant distance away from the vehicle. The cab of the vehicle does not show any damage.A Queensland Ambulance spokeswoman confirmed that a male had suffered facial and leg injuries. He was transported by paramedics to Ayr Hospital in a stable condition. NAT – Stay Informed – Social

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