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Why FTG Is The Best Provider Of Fibre



Fast Fibre is here and it’s time to find a good provider. It’s not as easy as you think! There are so many options out there, but most of them don’t really offer what they promise. What if you could just pick the best one and be done with it? You can now! With FTG we’ll handle all your needs at an affordable price.

We’re confident that we have the best service in Australia right now, which is why we want to give you a free trial period of 30 days! During this trial period, you will get unlimited internet access at up to 100Mbps download speed from our premium fiber network. No contracts or hidden fees either – just pure quality internet services for an unbeatable price. After 30 days, if you like our service then stay on board – otherwise, cancel anytime without any penalties or charges applied!

Internet is a big part of our lives. We use it to work, play and stay connected with friends and family. In the past 10 years, we have seen a huge increase in internet usage across Australia. This has been driven by the growth of online shopping, streaming services such as Netflix and Stan, social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter – even just for checking your email or watching videos on YouTube! But this also means that more people are using their broadband connection at peak times – which can lead to slower speeds during busy periods.

With FTG’s NBN plans you don’t need to worry about slow speeds or data caps anymore because every plan includes unlimited data! Our NBN plans also come with an industry-leading standard phone line rental included as well as free installation – so you won’t be left waiting around for weeks before getting connected.

The NBN is a new internet system that was recently rolled out in Australia. It requires a different type of modem and can be confusing to set up for the average user.

Many users have been frustrated by their experience with setting up the NBN, both because it’s hard to understand and because they don’t want to pay hundreds of dollars on expensive tech support from big corporations like Telstra or Optus.

Solution: We at FTG Australia are here to help! Our team has years of experience getting Australians online quickly and easily with no hassle, no fuss unlimited access plans starting at only $49/month! With our help, you’ll get your home online today without any problems!



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