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‘Who is the curly-headed guy?’: teen allegedly abducted ex



Richardson man Benjamin Quirk-Buckley fronted court on Thursday facing one charge of burglary, driving a motor vehicle without consent, intentionally wounding someone, forcibly confining someone and one other charge.Mr Quirk-Buckley applied for bail which was denied by Magistrate James Stewart. According to the statement of facts tendered to the ACT Magistrates Court, Mr Quirk-Buckley sent abusive messages to his ex-girlfriend on the night of December 27.He later attended a party in Latham where he again attempted to contact her and her friends. The statement of facts allege Mr Quirk-Buckley stole a black Holden Commodore, car keys and $680 from a Calwell residence between midnight and 2am on December 28.Mr Quirk-Buckley then drove the vehicle to Latham with another person. About 2.30am, the female complainant and five of her friends were walking along Daley Crescent, Latham, with her friends when Mr Quirk-Buckley stopped the car at the corner of Daley and Solomon crescents. Mr Quirk Buckley allegedly got out of the car and began to yell and threaten the complainant, before returning to the car to retrieve a blue serrated weapon described as having a shiv-like blade, according to police. The defendant allegedly said “Who is the curly head guy?” before making stabbing gestures towards the group. Mr Quirk-Buckley then allegedly used the weapon to stab a male friend of his ex-girlfriend in his upper left thigh.Following the altercation, Mr Quirk-Buckley allegedly ran towards his ex and grabbed the back of her shirt, neck and hair and dragged her into the stolen car before driving off.ACT Ambulance services attended the scene at 2.35am to assist the male complainant who was transported to Calvary Hospital. Meanwhile a friend of the female complainant told police she was concerned for the complainant’s welfare due to the previous messages between her and Mr Quirk Buckley, the court documents state. ACT Policing officers started investigating when Mr Quirk-Buckley was spotted at the corner of Chauncey Crescent and Hadford St, Richardson, where he was arrested.Mr Quirk-Buckley’s lawyer told the court she believed it was likely for her client’s case to go to trial and in that case it is “not justifiable” for her client to remain in remand for a long period of time.Meanwhile the prosecutor told the court he was concerned the defendant would reoffend or intimidate witnesses. Bail was refused and Mr Quirk-Buckley will be remanded in custody until January 10 when he will appear before the ACT Magistrates Court.

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