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'What's going on?': Bizarre frog footage has Aussies scratching heads



When even wildlife experts can't quite make sense of a strange scenario involving a snake and a frog, you know it's probably very unique.

The team at Sunshine Coast Snake Catchers think so, anyway.

Sharing an image that truly has to be seen to be believed, the Queensland-based wildlife group have shown exactly what it looks like when a green tree frog ingests a baby snake and poops it out the other end – whole.

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"What is going on here?!" the snake catchers wrote on Facebook.

"We were sent in this crazy photo of a green tree frog with a baby eastern brown snake coming out it's bum.

"Was the frog struggling to digest and poop out the snake? Did the brown snake slither all the way through the digestive system?"

The group then turned to their audience for help to digest just what was taking place in the bizarre image.

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"Was the frog struggling to digest and poop out the snake?," they wrote.

"Did the brown snake slither all the way through the digestive system?

"The lady who found it said the frog was trying to pull it out with its back legs, so she pulled the snake out for it.

"Wow, just wow."

The post attracted almost four thousand likes and comments, with confused social media users hypothesising about exactly what was occurring.

"What the hell?" one wrote.

"How bizarre," said another.

But others pointed out that the practice may actually common in green tree frogs. 

"This is very common, the green tree frog will pretty much eat anything that moves," a user wrote.

"They grow very fast and can get fairly big, hence the reason they eat basically anything and everything that moves in their line-of-sight, including snakes, baby ducks, other frogs and toads, birds, and small mammals.

"I'd say it's digestive can't handle a snake so ends up coming out almost the same way it went in."

Though the frog lived to tell the tale, the same could not be said for the little snake. 

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