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What Sydney's iconic Circular Quay could one day look like



It's home to two of that nation's most photographed landmarks that are synonymous with Sydney.

But successive state governments have lamented over how to maximise the star potential of Circular Quay.

Now long-awaited designs to elevate the gateway to the harbour have been revealed.

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Multi-level viewing platforms would open up spectacular new outlooks, with ageing ferry wharves and train platforms upgraded.

The concrete entrance would be transformed into a tree-lined boulevard.

In Tuesday's Budget, the government is funding the next stage of approvals, to get shovels in the ground.

Cities Minister Rob Stokes said: "Sydney deserves a beautiful front door, and for too long Circular Quay has not lived up to its potential."

Treasurer Matt Kean said a $216 million cash injection will see what's possible.

There have long been discussions about demolishing the roadway and sinking the railway underneath, a project that comes with a whopping $70 billion price tag, which Stokes said wouldn't be the best way to splash taxpayers cash.

Instead, two of the four lanes will be taken out to broaden the walkway into a parkland in the sky inspired by New York's High Line.

The proposed Cahill Expressway conversion won't start until the new Western Harbour tunnel is open in 2027.

But work at ground level could begin sooner.

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