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Whale escapes after getting tangled in shark net, returns to calf



A humpback whale who became trapped in a shark net off the Gold Coast this morning has been freed, returning to her calf.

The mother had been swimming off the coast of Surfers Paradise when she became entangled in the net.

The mum was stuck for an hour while her baby waited for her nearby.

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An arborist on top of the Jewel Tower, an apartment building in Surfers Paradise, spotted the distressed pair.

Sea World rescue crews were called to assist with disentangling the whale but the mum was able to free herself before they arrived.

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She's the second humpback whale to become entangled off the coastal city this month.

Another young humpback became trapped in fishing nets and needed to be cut free by marine rescue specialists in early June.

Locals are renewing calls to remove shark nets from Australian beaches due to their threat to marine life.

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