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Western Sydney reservoir could open for residents this summer



Australia is preparing for a long and hot summer ahead, which is prompting the state government to consider opening a Western Sydney reservoir to the public.

Those living out west have limited options to swim and have facilities at capacity, like in Penrith where its pools service 108,000 residents.

This is compared to the Northern Beaches, which has a council-run swim spot for every 14,915 locals.

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The state is considering opening up Prospect Reservoir and Nature Reserve for recreational use to help locals cool off.

Blacktown City Mayor Tony Bleasdale said keeping the reservoir closed to recreation was a "terrible waste".

"We need to be able to cool down our communities."

Experts are predicting Western Sydney could see temperatures up to or above 50 degrees.

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Prospect Reservoir and Nature Reserve could be opened up for recreational use to help locals cool off.

"Heatwaves kill more Australians than any other natural disaster so we are concerned about it," Cumberland City Council Mayor Lisa Lake said.

The reservoir has been supplying drinking water to greater Sydney since 1888.

It is one of the main three suppliers for the Prospect Water Filtration Plant, which supplies 80 per cent of greater Sydney's drinking water to four million people.

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The nature reserve also has rare and endangered aspects.

The reservoir would be opened in a limited capacity.

The government has opened up the decision for community consultation.

Residents can submit feedback until September 30 here.

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