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‘Weak, woke and the wealthy’ think they know it all



Sky News host Gary Hardgrave says the “weak, woke, and now the wealthy” believe they know better than the “quiet Australians”.

“Australians today have inherited a society from the efforts of earlier generations and too many of us are disconnected from how we arrived to where we are,” Mr Hardgrave said.

“We need to expand our possibilities not just live off the fat of the land won by the efforts of others.”

He said Australia needed more dams and a restoration of our “cheap energy advantage”.

He also said Australia should not be driven to “destroy our possibilities” to satisfy international interests on climate change, since many of them are waiting to “cash in on subsidies”.

“These self-proclaimed climate zealots don’t care if you suffer a lower standard of living, they’re shills and shysters now hanging around for a clip of the ticket and they just aren’t affected like the rest of us.

“Surely 2022 can be an improvement on what we’ve seen in the last 12 months but if the polls are correct and we turn further left our fate may well be sealed.”

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