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Wanted men held three women hostage for hours



A woman, her sister and their elderly mother were held hostage in a townhouse for four hours by two men, believed to be armed, during a Gold Coast siege that is ongoing.

The women were eventually let go, but the siege, which has sent several streets in the suburb of Nerang into lockdown, continues.

The two men, who are holed up in the townhouse, are wanted by police for questioning over two drive-by shootings.

The siege began in Nerang at about 5pm yesterday afternoon, and has now dragged on for more than 15 hours.

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Residents of Riverpark Drive, McLaren Road, Kopwhai Place and Inverness Street have been put under an exclusion order, meaning those who were home at the time cannot leave, and those who were away cannot return.

People were still being turned away at police checkpoints this morning, with some telling 9News they were forced to spend a chilly night sleeping in their cars.

9News understands the men are wanted for questioning over the shooting of an Arundel police beat earlier this week.

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Two officers were inside the beat when the shooting took place at about 3.45am on June 6, but were uninjured.

Police also want to question the men over a drive-by shooting in Coolangatta on June 4 in which a man driving with his wife and son was injured.

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