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Wakeboarder finds echidna in Victorian lake 70m from shore



An echidna found struggling in the middle of a Victorian lake has been given a ride to safety by a wakeboarder.

Brendan Paterson first thought he saw an upside down turtle about 70m from shore when he was taking a ride on Lake Eildon at Bonnie Doon, about 190km north-east of Melbourne, on Sunday.

But it was actually an echidna, which he said was really floundering in the water. 

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"I know that echidnas can swim, but this was an echidna that could not swim, and was definitely struggling," Paterson told 3AW.

Paterson said he slowly approached the animal with his board and it managed to climb on.

"As it climbed on it took a big breath of air," he said.

Paterson then escorted the animal to the land, where it crawled off the board.

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