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Video shows betrayed wife running down husband, mistress after discovering affair



It was a case that seemed stranger than fiction – a betrayed wife that tracked down her cheating husband using a phone app, before running him and his mistress over when she discovered their affair.

Now, nearly two years after the love triangle culminated in a dramatic confrontation on a quiet Queensland street, 9News can show the video which reveals exactly how it unfolded.

CCTV of the moment Christie-Lee Kennedy ploughing into her husband David Larkin and his mistress Zowie Noring was shown to the jury during her trial but never released to the public.

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It shows Larkin and Noring canoodling next to their car on Bagot Road in the peaceful Brisbane suburb of Wavell Hill in March 2021, unaware of what's about to happen.

Within seconds, Kennedy can be seen barreling down the street in her white BMW SUV, smashing straight into the unsuspecting lovers.

During the trial, Kennedy maintained that she did not intend to strike the couple and had simply hit the brakes too late.

The jury accepted this argument and last month found Kennedy not guilty on two counts of "malicious acts with intent to disable".

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Neighbour and Wavell Heights resident of more than 30 years, "Scummy" told 9News he heard the collision from inside his home.

"I heard the thud from inside and we had the TV cranked up and you could hear 'bang'."

What happens next is obscured by the family car – but the court heard Kennedy got out on the other side of the car and attacked her husband's girlfriend Zowie, pulling her hair and punching her in the head.

Then, the vision shows that she gets back in and takes off, leaving Larkin and Noring still on the ground.

"I picked up my phone, called the ambos and my boy chased that girl down the road," Scummy said.

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Christie Lee Kennedy, 37, had been married to David Larkin for almost a decade when she found out he was having an affair.

As neighbours rush in to help, Zowie, with leg injuries, hobbles to her car and minutes later, drives away.

Then, scorned wife Kennedy, seen in the video wearing white pants, returns to the scene of the collision, yells at her husband, who is shown, on the ground, appearing to be writhing in pain, and waits beside him until paramedics and police arrive.

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