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Victorian government should be ‘heartily ashamed of themselves’



Broadcaster Justin Smith says the Victorian government should be “heartily ashamed of themselves” for trying to cover up a court ruling involving the public’s private QR code data.

It comes as a secret Supreme Court ruling confirmed personal information shared with Victorian contract tracers does not have absolute protection.

The new ruling means third-party companies, crime-fighting agencies and other authorities like WorkCover can apply to access the data.

The finding – discovered by the Herald Sun newspaper – revealed Victoria’s COVID-19 Commander Jeroen Weimar launched a legal bid to have the court case suppressed for five years.

Mr Smith said government COVID restrictions were based on trust that the people would do their bit and follow them.

“We’ve got to trust people to be good and genuine – now when we turn around to the government how … can you talk about trust when you look at the way they’re playing this,” Mr Smith told Sky News host Caleb Bond.

“I think they should be heartily ashamed of themselves for trying to cover this up.”

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