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US has gotten itself in a ‘strange situation’ with Ukraine aid



ASPI Former Executive Director Peter Jennings says Washington has gotten itself into a “strange situation” with how it has handled the conflict in Ukraine.

“Yes, they’re providing lethal equipment but it would seem just never enough to quite make it possible for the Ukrainians to pursue decisive military outcome,” he told Sky News host Peta Credlin.

“We know that the United States is not going to provide combat aircraft, the United States is not going to provide air cover to stop the Russian military from being able to fly over Ukraine.”

Mr Jennings said the decision by America to only sent four rocket systems to Ukraine is not only limited in use but the weapons themselves have “limited range munitions”.

“Whereas what they actually need is long-range stuff because they’re actually fighting the Russians across an internal front that I would say is about 800 kilometres in length,” he said.

“So at the moment what the Biden administration needs to do is to come to a decision that it’s either going to help the Ukrainian system pursue decisive military victory against the Russians or it’s not.”

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