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US fire crews rescued a dog trapped inside a car engine



Fire crews respond to emergencies every day to help put out fires and save lives. Last week, crews responded to an emergency that was surprising to everyone.

Officials say a fire truck in Georgia, US responded to a service call for "a dog that was stuck in the engine compartment of a vehicle."

A motorist said he stopped because of a dog in the middle of the road and the dog ran underneath his car.

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When he attempted to get the dog out from under his car, he told officials the dog climbed into the engine compartment and got stuck.

Marietta Fire Department officials said, "the dog was located in between the engine air box and a firewall.

The airbox top cover was removed for better access. The dog was still unable to be removed so Marietta Fire Department removed the air box and duct work.

The dog was then pulled out of the engine compartment. Cobb County Animal Services arrived on the scene to help get the dog to safety."

Fire crews helped to put the car back together and returned to service to await their next call, officials told Atlanta News First.

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