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A crazed woman was arrested by the FBI after she went on an expletive-laced tirade and slapped a fellow passenger aboard a Delta flight from Tampa to Atlanta.
The unhinged woman — identified as Patricia Cornwall — was arrested by the feds after the wild incident aboard Flight 2790 on Thursday, Atlanta police said in a statement.


She was accused of causing a midair “disturbance” that led to the “injury of fellow passengers and Delta employees,” police said.
A video tweeted by ATL Uncensored shows the woman standing in the aisle cursing at a male passenger as they exchange heated words.

In New Zealand, an attempted hardware store visit swiftly concluded following staff intervention:
Let’s board another Delta flight in the US for further face-covering conflict:
Over in England, a train journey went off the rails due to mask madness:

A number of passengers shouted abuse and became embroiled in a fight – apparently sparked by travellers not wearing face masks.


The frightening scenes took place on a York to Malton train. They were witnessed by children who were on the same service, some of whom were left in tears.

To be fair, weeping wouldn’t be uncommon on British rail journeys.

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