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Trade minister optimistic despite China holding firm on import bans



Australia's trade minister is returning home from China with an optimistic view, even as major import restrictions remain in place.

Don Farrell pushed the Chinese government to lift its prohibitively expensive tariffs on Australian barley, beef, wine, lobster, coal and timber.

But those trade bans remain in place for now.

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But Farrell said there was "positive momentum" in his meeting with his counterpart Wang Wentao last night.

And a reported visit from Chinese foreign minister Qin Gang in July is hoped to thaw the icy tensions between the countries.

But that visit is yet to be confirmed by China.

A freight terminal in Hong Kong. Heavy tariffs on many Australian imports remain in place in China.

Chinese Foreign Minister spokesperson Wang Wenbin was asked about a visit at a press conference yesterday.

"China and Australia maintain contact and communication at all levels," he said.

"As to your specific question, I have nothing to share."

Chinese Trade Minister Wang Wentao expressed his country's frustrations that their electric cars were not allowed to be imported into Australia.

Farrell said he also spoke out about Australians Cheng Lei and Yang Henjung, who have been detained in China on espionage charges.

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