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Thieves caught on CCTV allegedly stealing e-bikes



Two men have been caught on CCTV footage allegedly stealing two electronic bikes from a home in Goodwood, Adelaide in broad daylight on Wednesday, 18 January.

Thanks to a HD camera, two men can be seen in crystal clear clarity in the footage, as they look inside the house before allegedly cutting off bike locks with a hand saw and walking away with them. 

One 48-year-old suspect was arrested by police this morning, while a second remains at large.

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Police have not yet found the bikes.

Experts say that a bike lock might not be enough to deter thieves as more motorbikes and e-bikes make their way through South Australia on the Tour Down Under.

"E-bikes are a lot of money but they've done everything as they (the owners) should have, they had their bikes locked up", said Brett Gillett from Bicycle SA.

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Thieves caught stealing e-bikes in broad daylight on CCTV footage

"Keep them behind closed doors preferably, where thieves can't be tempted.

"It might include removing your accessories from the bike, taking your helmet away just anything that may stop people or deter people from approaching the bike."

The increasing popularity of e-bikes means increased interest from thieves, so owners are warned to stay vigilant.

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