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'They only get one shot': Pythons filmed in combat at Queensland home



Two snakes have been filmed wrestling at a Queensland home as breeding season ramps up in the state.

The 2.5-metre coastal carpet pythons were in combat for almost an hour at the Coalfalls property in the city of Ipswich, when the alarmed homeowners called Bryce Lockett from Snake Catchers Brisbane & Gold Coast on Sunday night.

"We just had a python fall through this little downlight and it turns out there was a second one," the snake catcher said in the video.

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The homeowners were alarmed by the behaviour and called suburban wildlife manager Bryce Lockett for help.

"These two here are two combatting males.

"As you can see they've got bite marks so these guys are quite equally matched.

"The objective of the game here is the biggest one will push the weaker one down and give up the breeding rights for the female that will be very close in the area.

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"They don't generally bite each other in combat unless they are quite equally matched in length.

Lockett said the Coalfalls call-out was one of three jobs related to breeding season yesterday.

"It is a very common sight this time of year. Just give them their space," he told

"They're not interested in us, they only get one shot a year to get to the female."

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