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The wild theories on PRGuy’s real identity



But curious readers may have seen the name emerge in a recent court case where infamous right-wing character Avi Yemini won the right to try and expose an anonymous Twitter account with a picture of Troy McClure from the Simpsons as its main image.The account in question is known as PRGuy17 and if you, like most people who avoid the constant bickering on Twitter, aren’t aware of the account it’s a bit of a long story. So let Baz fill you in. Who is this so-called PRGuy? While Baz usually boasts the answers to some of life’s biggest questions, even he is yet to unravel this mega mystery.The Twitter personality’s account appears to date back to March 2020, the same time as the pandemic hit our shores, and a small amount of posts began to build to a regular feed of content that was largely supportive of lockdowns, restrictions and pandemic health measures.Eventually this content became increasingly political and PRGuy’s posts became more and more supportive of our dear Premier.The account found a following in insulting the Morrison government, backing in every single comment made by Mr Andrews and attacking what they thought was vicious behaviour by journalists asking the important questions at daily Covid press conferences.PRGuy’s followers will tell you the account has been speaking truth and calling out supposed media bias.But critics will point to a pro-Andrews, and at times mean, worldview that requires an interesting level of mental gymnastics.In one notable moment, the account said they hoped the daily Dan press conference would interrupt and spoil Eddie McGuire’s televised step down from Collingwood. It ignored the fact Mr Andrews had repeatedly backed Mr McGuire to remain as president.When PRGuy isn’t falling head over heels for Dan, the page is hard at work spinning the government’s agenda and looking to rubbish almost anything said by the state opposition.That’s been a key driver in it amassing more than 82,000 followers who either adore this content or spend part of their day getting angry about it.What is beyond doubt is that the account has been good at getting a strong reaction from those who take the time to engage on Twitter and this has meant many people have gunned to see them taken down.Because of this, it has long been suggested by opponents that PRGuy media is being paid by the Victorian taxpayer.Many wild rumours – some far too salacious to publish – have circulated about the true identity of this polarising Twitter account.Some are just laughable, including that Daniel Andrews himself or his wife Cath are behind the account.Others are people adding one and one and coming up with 300. The list of people who strenuously deny its them is longer than the list of suspects.One name frequently thrown in the mix is the second most powerful person in the Premier’s private office – that is, his deputy chief of staff, Jessie McCrone.This has been vigorously denied, as has accusations that it was media personality Osman Faruqi or Hawker Britton’s JP Blandthorn.The account is so contentious, that people who have accused others of being PRGuy have faced legal threats.Now the moment of truth may be at hand and Baz is interested to see what person – or people – is behind the second-hardest working political spin team in this state.The Federal Court this week ordered Twitter to reveal the name and email address connected to this highly secretive account.Why? Because PRGuy is being sued for defamation – by Mr Yemini, who claims to be the chief reporter at Rebel News.Yemini has dubbed the Federal Court’s latest ruling a win in his personal vendetta, but PR Guy said it would only “grow my voice”.“I’m a fierce supporter of free speech — even when I disagree or my feelings are hurt — and I’ll fight for it,” he wrote on Tuesday night.“I’m just getting started.”Baz’s money is on the answer being a fizzer and that even if we do find out PRGuy’s identity it won’t be a household name or government staffer.But just in case, you can bet that Baz has the popcorn at the ready.

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