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The Sydney council that will start collecting red bins fortnightly



Residents in parts of Sydney's Inner West fear their streets will be smellier over summer thanks to changes to the area's bin collections.

From October 8, residents living in the Inner West Council area will have their red garbage bins collected every two weeks.

But under the plan, households will be able to scrape all organic food waste into their green bin, which will be collected once a week from that date.

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The changes have been met with concerns, including over the potential increase in odour, with some worried about leaving seafood, dirty nappies and kitty litter in their bins for a fortnight.

Some residents also believe there hasn't been enough community consultation about the change.

It is expected the changes will save money on landfill and reduce the impact on the environment, and Inner West Council said there would be no change to residents' fees.

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Mayor Darcy Byrne stressed the introduction of food waste in green bins when speaking to 2GB on Monday afternoon.

"People will be able to put all of their organic waste, all of their food scraps and leftovers into the green bin, which will be collected weekly," Byrne said.

"The red bins are fortnightly – we're just sticking to the NSW government's Environment Protection Authority's guidelines for how food recycling should be conducted.

"It's true to say that this is going to be a challenge, we're not pretending that this is going to be easy but we want to work with the community to make this necessary change."

9News has contacted Inner West Council for comment.

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