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The insane price this three-digit Aussie number plate could sell for



A three-digit number plate is expected to sell for up to $400,000 as it goes under the hammer in Victoria.

The heritage number plate '994' is going up for auction on Saturday at Lloyds Auctions and is expected to fetch between $350,000 to $400,000, plus a buyer's premium of 7.5 per cent.

"The heritage plate market in general has seen a pretty remarkable surge in the post-COVID era," Robbie Krupski from Lloyds Auctions said.

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Heritage plates were introduced before licence plates were standardised across Australia in the 1950s.

When it comes to pricing the plates, the ones with fewer digits are more valuable.

Last year, a Victorian number plate with just the number '14' sold for a staggering $2,383,500 at auction.

In 2020, licence plate number 26 sold for a $1.11 million.

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