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The Australian Government



Australia is a sovereign country in Oceania. It is the sixth largest country in the world. It is a multicultural, multi-ethnic country with a diverse population. It has its own language and culture and is governed by a federal government. The island of Tasmania is its largest land mass, but it has numerous smaller islands and islets, making it difficult to define its borders. The island of Tasmania is the only major non-autonomous territory of Australia.

The Federal Executive Council is the highest formal governmental body in Australia. It consists of all senior ministers in the government. The Federal Parliament has the final say on all government policies and laws. In addition to the governor-general, there is a cabinet. Its role is to formulate and implement policy for the nation. It is the final decision-making body of the executive branch. The cabinet’s decisions do not have any legal force.

The Australian Government is bi-cameral, with a Governor-General and a House of Representatives. The Senate is comprised of 76 senators and has 150 members. The Governor-General is the head of the executive branch. The state’s representative to the Senate is the Queen, who serves as the president of the nation. The house of representatives and the senate are divided into different portfolios. The senators represent the territories, and the former governs the territories.

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