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The Australian Government



The Australian government has many powers that are important to the country. While this sovereignty is important for the country, it does not give citizens the right to dictate what the government should do. The Australian Government has an open door policy and is ready to meet your needs. There are many ways that you can help the Australia community. By providing the services you need, they can help you make your life easier and make your life better. This country is the sixth largest in the world and has numerous ways that you can contribute.

The government of Australia is divided into three main branches. The House of Representatives elects the Prime Minister and the Senate selects the Prime Minister. The Queen is the head of both the federal and state governments. The executive power lies in the Governor-General, and the judicial power is exercised by the State’s Supreme Court. The Commonwealth Parliament Offices are in Sydney, but the cabinet typically meets in state capitals.

The Prime Minister is the head of the government. The Governor-General appoints the prime minister, and the Governor-General appoints the Cabinet members. The Prime Minister is a member of both the Houses of Parliament. The Federal Executive Council (FEC) is the formal body of the government. The role of the Senate is to approve laws and policy decisions. The Governor-General is a representative of the monarch, and a governor-general is the head of the executive branch.

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