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Tasmania’s daily Covid-19 case count hits triple figures



The Department of Health said on Facebook three of the hospitalised patients were being treated for coronavirus symptoms, while one was hospitalised for another condition.The state has 520 active cases according to data relating to the 24 hours to 8pm Thursday, meaning 137 new cases were recorded within that period.The demand for Covid tests remains strong, with 2075 tests taken on Thursday.There are 200 people in the Covid at home program, and 86 positive cases are in a community case management facility.Greens demand border closure following outbreakThe premier is sitting back and allowing Omicron to rip through the community by refusing to close the state border, according to Greens leader Cassy O’Connor. Ms O’Connor, who has got into the habit of wearing two masks at once, said the sudden surge in Covid cases was proof that Peter Gutwein had opened the borders too soon.She said the Greens were demanding Mr Gutwein to admit he was wrong and to “pull up the drawbridge” before Omicron spreads even further.Ms O’Connor said Mr Gutwein was also at fault for mandating face masks too late – five days after the state borders were opened to high-risk areas.“In just two weeks Peter Gutwein has gone from hero to public health enemy number one,” Ms O’Connor said.“He opened the floodgates to Omicron and then walked away and abandoned Tasmanians, that is why so many people are scared and angry.”Peter Gutwein hit back at Ms O’Connor’s comments, which he described as “quite unfortunate”.He said he made his decision to open the borders based on advice from Public Health experts, and that he did not regret doing so.“From day one I’ve relied on the health advice and I will continue to do so, and that advice at the moment very clearly is to stick with the plan we’ve rolled out,” Mr Gutwein said.“We will stay with that play, however if that advice were to change then – as I’ve said on many occasions – in a heartbeat I’d change.’

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