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Tasmanian devil runs away with woman's phone



A Tasmanian devil has gone toe-to-toe with wildlife keepers after the marsupial mistook a visitor's phone for a chew toy.

Jacqui Frazer was at Bonorong Wildlife Sanctuary on Thursday afternoon when she visited the devil's enclosure for a photo.

Frazer had leant over the barrier, when the devil jumped up at her, which caused her to drop her iPhone.

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A woman has been left stunned after a Tasmanian devil ran away with her phone.

It took the wildlife keepers about five minutes to get it back, as the animal went in and out of its den.

The keepers eventually ended up substituting a stick into the devil's mouth for the phone.

The phone has been returned to its rightful owner, however the device has several bite marks to serve as a reminder of Frazer's eventful day out.

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