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Sydney man wings his way to world record



A Sydney man has tasted global glory after devouring the competition at an international eating competition in New York.

James Webb stunned observers when he downed 276 chicken wings in 12 minutes during the Wing It On! US Chicken Wing Eating Championship at the National Buffalo Wings Festival on the weekend.

His effort set a new world record.

Webb, at 23 wings a minute, shredded the competition, which included established champion eaters Joey Chestnut and Miki Sudo.

Chestnut, who came second, managed a comparatively paltry 240 wings.

"I was just trying to clean the bones as best I could," Webb said after his win.

Chicken wings

"I know I'm not as fast as these guys but if they're goning to weigh leftovers, if there's less chicken, well, I had a chance right.

"I guess my style works."

It was, remarkably, Webb's second eating win in 24 hours.

The day before, he ate 32 "sloppers" – cheeseburgers drenched in chili sauce – in eight minutes.

He said he was "shocked" and "grateful" to have taken the crown in the well-attended wings competition.

"If you told me this yesterday, I would have laughed in your face," he said.

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