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Sydney cafe sells single cup of coffee for $1500



If you're keen to sample the best coffee Penrith's Brew Lab Cafe can offer, you'll need to set aside two weeks, and have about a fortnight's rent handy.

The best bevvie the cafe offers will set you back $1500.

The coffee beans that make it are apparently found growing beside a Panamanian volcano 1700 metres above sea level, and are regarded as some of the best in the world, rated well above 90, which marks the start of the best on the coffee bean scale.

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"We order it once the customer has," says Brew Lab owner and barista Mitch Johnson.

"We then get in contact with the guys in Panama, they'll roast the order individually, and then they'll send it over on their private jet."

There is a rigorous and precise recipe for brewing the $1500 bevvie, involving pre-dampened filter paper, water boiled to precisely 94 degrees celsius and several sessions of "pour over", each timed to the second.

Any earlier or later, will affect the taste delivered.

"Most people when they drink it, say their first impression is that it's more like a tea than a coffee," Johnson says.

Needless to say, there hasn't been a queue of tradies outside the door at 6am waiting for the Panamanian blend.

But for those who do order, of which so far there has been two, the flavour of the brew has apparently been enough to provoke tears of joy.

"This is definitely the top of the peak that we've found in beans," says Johnson as he whirls the milk for a bog standard large cap that has been ordered by another regular.

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The best bevvie the cafe offers, will set you back one and a half thousand dollars.

"But we do get quite a few coming in once a week, to try our $100 or $200 coffees."

"Really?" I ask, still surprised none of Mitch's customers haven't tweaked to the $2 budget saver from 7-11.

"It's not rare for us at all; there is an underground coffee scene in Sydney that is actively pursuing exotic brews such as this."

"Is there such a thing as the underground coffee scene?" I enquire.

"Oh yeah, absolutely," says Johnson.

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