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Sustainablity calculator rates developments for green credentials



Georges River Council in Sydney’s south is developing a ‘sustainability calculator’ that rates how green major developments are before they’re approved for construction.

Mayor Nick Katris

The online tool, scheduled to come into use from January 2024, was designed by Council’s  planning and environment teams for use by developers before they submit applications for large scale projects in residential and employment zones.

The calculator uses a point-based scoring system based on a range of criteria.

For example, if an application has a certain number of solar panels it gets a certain number of points.

Other sustainability measures encouraged by the system include the use of native plants in landscaping, the use of light reflective roof colours and EV charging infrastructure.

Streamlining approvals

The calculator will also simplify high-density housing approvals as Council prepares to meet increasing demand for housing, Mayor Nick Katris says.

“This tool will  help to meet the community’s need for increased housing by streamlining the assessment process for new apartment buildings,” Cr Katris said.

“Our aim is to provide clear guidance for both industry and Council staff who assess DAs to streamline the approvals process for new high density residential, commercial and industrial buildings.”

It will also help meet Council’s target of net zero emissions by 2050, he says.

The tool will undergo further improvements to make sure it’s user friendly ahead of its rollout next year.

It will be used by all applicants for proposed developments with a gross floor area of 1,500m2 or more in high density residential zones and employment zones.

The Georges River Local Environment Plan (GRLEP) aims to provide housing to cater for changing demographics and populations in the LGA and promote an ecologicaly and sustainable urban environment, as well as a high standard of urban design and built form.

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