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Strange UFO-like cloud hovers over Turkish city



A bizarre UFO-shaped cloud over a Turkish city left onlookers baffled and went viral on social media.

The giant rose-coloured cloud appeared over Bursa in the country's north west last Thursday, the Reuters news agency reports.

Meteorologists identified the weather phenomenon as a lenticular, or lens, cloud.

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They are usually found at height of 2000m to 5000m.

The colours of the cloud changed as it moved around the sun.

Social media commentators compared the strange cloud with a UFO.

"I wanted that to be an alien ship so bad," one wrote on Twitter.

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According to Turkey's Meteorological Directorate, lens clouds are usually formed when air blows across high structures, such as mountains, and cause water vapour to condense which roughly resembles the terrain beneath.

The images of the cloud were taken at sunset and witnesses say it remained in its giant form for about one hour.

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