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States scrap mask rules as wave of COVID-19 restrictions ease



A range of COVID-19 restrictions are easing around the country today as Australia continues to move out of the pandemic.

The disease is already less of a daily presence in the minds of many, particularly with case reports moving to a weekly schedule.

Now, some of the final rules prompted by the outbreak will be removed.

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From today, masks will no longer be required in New South Wales for people riding on public transport.

This also covers rideshare cars or taxis.

A test booking on Uber's rideshare app shows the company has also removed its request for passengers to wear masks.

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Queensland has followed suit, with no masks on public transport.

However, Sunshine State residents still have to wear a mask in public for five days after coming out of isolation.

South Australia has also declared an end to mask mandates on public transport.

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The pressure is on Victoria to join the rest of the country, but the state's Health Minister says no changes to current rules are being considered yet.

Meanwhile, in Western Australia, the state of emergency powers have changed.

The state government will no longer be able to declare border rule changes or entry permits.

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