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State govt moves to position Queensland as national battery leader



The Queensland government has released a battery industry discussion paper and declared its ambition to become the nation’s leader in the sector.

Deputy Premier Steven Miles releases the battery industry discussion paper in Maryborough on Monday, January 16 2023

Global demand for battery storage technology is set to increase more than tenfold by 2030, driven largely by growing demand for electric vehicles and stationary storage needs, the discussion paper Battery Industry Opportunities for Queensland says.

The paper, produced for the government by consultants Accenture, identifies potential markets and considers the size of future demand that Queensland’s battery industry could target to 2030.

After electric vehicles, on-grid stationary storage is the most rapidly growing segment of the battery market and the domestic stationary storage market will be a key opportunity for Queensland in the medium term, the paper says.

It outlines two potential paths for the development of Queensland’s battery industry:

  • A local and specialised industry aimed at capturing demand within the state
  • A leading Australian industry aimed at capturing a greater market share outside Queensland and underpinned by private sector investment and supply chain growth

Developing capabilities

The paper says Queensland already has developing capabilities across the battery value chain, particularly in mining, refining and active materials, and has the opportunity to develop a diverse multi-technology sector.

It says lithium-ion technology is expected to retain its dominant market position but there are smaller applications in utility scale storage, defence, mining and aerospace where other technologies, including redox-flow batteries, can compete.

It also notes the maturity of Queensland’s lead-acid battery manufacturing.

“Queensland is in a position to leverage its existing capabilities and investments in the battery value chain to capitalise on rapidly growing opportunities,” it says.

“To capture these opportunities, Queensland will need to respond quickly.”

Renewable energy revolution

Launching the paper in Maryborough on Monday, Acting Premier Steven Miles said battery storage would play a key role in Queensland’s move to renewable energy, and the government wanted to do all it could to support the local development and manufacturing sector.

“The government is launching a discussion paper to assess how Queensland can become a leader in this space and build a dynamic battery value chain leveraging our existing strengths,” he told a media conference.

“We’re calling on stakeholders and industry to tell us what they need to make more of the batteries that we need… what are the settings and support that industry will need?

“The future of energy supply is going to look very different in the decades ahead and we want Queensland to be at the forefront of this revolution.”

Investing in batteries

The government’s $62 billion Energy and Jobs Plan released last September commits $500 million for a procurement pipeline to help state-owned electricity assets invest in large-scale and community batteries.

The federal government is also investing $100 million in an Australian-Made Battery Precinct in Queensland.

Industry feedback on the discussion paper will inform the development of the Queensland Battery Industry Strategy, which is expected to be released in the middle of the year.

 Stakeholders have until March 31 to provide feedback.

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