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South Australian government proposes changes to its public holidays



South Australian residents are being asked for the opinion on the state's public holidays as the government seeks to bring its holiday laws in line with the rest of the country.

Any public holiday that falls on a Saturday, as Christmas did in 2021, is not currently deemed a public holiday in South Australia.

Those who worked on Christmas in 2021 were therefore not awarded public holiday rates.

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The following Monday was deemed the public holiday, and public holiday rates were issued then.

South Australia is the only state that does not prescribe a public holiday for both the Saturday and the Monday when the public holiday date falls on a Saturday.

"We don't want this to happen again, so it is time to align our Christmas Day public holiday laws with the rest of the country," SafeWork SA explained on its website.

The retail workers' union is supportive of the proposed move, and is further pushing for Easter Sunday to be made a public holiday.

Tasmania is the only other state or territory where Easter Sunday is not a public holiday.

Feedback on the public holidays can be given here until February 3.

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