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‘So cool!’: Cycling tribute to donors who save Aussie babies



It took a cruisy eight hours and 46 minutes and 163.8km to create this tribute across the streets of Adelaide of a mother holding a baby and the iconic Red Cross symbol.Around 17 per cent of pregnant Aussie mums need anti-D injections to keep their baby healthy.Anti-D plasma comes from donors with a special type of antibody – a protein made by their immune system – in their blood. When a mother with Rh (D) negative blood is pregnant with a baby that has Rh (D) positive blood, there’s a risk her immune system will create antibodies that can attack the red blood cells of their baby. This can cause haemolytic disease, which can cause serious complications and even death for the baby. Australia’s anti-D plasma comes from a small pool of about 200 donors. Blood donor embed“So cool!”, commented one Facebook user of the impressive picture, mapped out on Strava.Another commented: “Thank you! I relied on anti D to have my babies.”While another said: “Thank you Peter. I required anti-D injections throughout my four pregnancies.”Lifeblood is always looking for new donors so if you’re a man of any age or a woman past child-bearing years, you may be eligible. Call 13 14 95 or visit their website HERE.

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