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Snake catcher's 'difficult' 45 minutes after finding eastern brown



Snake catcher Daniel Marshall thought he'd seen it all until he got called to a home in South Australia's Barossa Valley this week.

When he arrived at the property, the first thing he spotted was an eastern brown snake's tail sneaking up into the washing machine.

Before he had the chance to take a closer look, the snake moved its tail up near its head, eliminating the chance for Marshall to pull the reptile out without being bitten.

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What followed was a "difficult" but "rewarding" 45 minutes of pulling apart the appliance to catch the snake.

"He was getting a little bit defensive," Marshall said.

"He kept jittering around to different spots."

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Eventually, the Barossa Reptile Service catcher gently poked, prodded and coerced the snake out.

The snake was then set free into the bush while the homeowner breathed a sigh of relief.

"The customer's house is snake free and the snake is safe back in the bush," the snake catcher said.

If you find a snake in your home, always call a licensed snake catcher.

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