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Slave jailed for 'sickening' murder of dominatrix's boyfriend



A slave who wanted to scare off his dominatrix's boyfriend but snapped and committed bloody murder will spend at least 15 years behind bars.

Stuart Lindsay Heron waited in the shadows of a Melbourne apartment building car park for his target, Nick Cameron, to take his little dog Misty for a walk.

He was holding a hammer and a knife when he pounced on Cameron next to the 39-year-old man's red car.

Heron claimed he brought the hammer to destroy explicit videos that Cameron was threatening to distribute of his master, dominatrix Heide Bos.

But instead, after a struggle Heron snapped and bashed Cameron with the hammer "ferociously and brutally," Justice Michael Croucher told the Supreme Court.

"This went on for 10 harrowing minutes, Mr Cameron had no chance," the judge said on Friday.

Croucher said Cameron's injuries, which included multiple stab and blunt force head wounds, were extensive and shocking.

When he was found by police, wedged between a concrete wall and the car, Cameron was "covered in blood, panting heavily and groaning".

Stuart Lindsay Heron has been jailed for 22 years, with a non-parole period of 15 years.

Heron said he had become infatuated with Bos after meeting her on FetLife, a kink and fetish website, about six weeks before the killing.

He became her slave and offered to do "anything at all" for Bos.

Bos told Heron about her relationship with Cameron, including that he was abusive, had raped her and threatened to share intimate videos.

The pair concocted a plan to scare Cameron to ensure he left town.

Heron started surveilling Cameron, visiting his apartment building several times to track his movements and stealing a lockbox with his victim's keys.

After an argument with Cameron, on July 9, 2021, Bos gave Heron the go-ahead to confront him.

She lured her boyfriend out of his apartment, to where Heron was laying in wait for Cameron in the private car park.

Neighbours heard Cameron yell "no, no" and "stop" as Heron attacked him in a "frenzied" and "sickening fashion", Croucher said.

Heron was arrested trying to leave the apartment building via lift, with a blood-soaked knife found on the floor next to him.

He was found carrying a bloody hammer, silver handcuffs, a dog's leash, a multi-tool and a lighter.

Heron pleaded guilty to Cameron's murder about two months before a trial was due to begin.

He was emotionless stared straight ahead at Justice Croucher, as he was sentenced to 22 years in prison.

Heron must serve 15 years before he can apply for parole and has already served two years of his sentence. 

Cameron's family hugged each other inside court after hearing his murderer's sentence.

A man yelled at Heron: "That's life for you son, you'll never get out of it, you're a failure."

Bos was jailed for up to six years and three months earlier this year, after admitting manslaughter over her complicity in arranging the attack.

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