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Shock Covid number that reveals Queensland’s Omicron surge



Health authorities on Sunday revealed that Queensland’s total case numbers since the beginning of the pandemic has reached 5032.On December 12 – just prior to the border reopening – the state’s total case numbers sat at only 2169.It means Queensland’s total case numbers for the entire pandemic have more than doubled in a roughly two week period, as travellers from NSW and Victoria flock to the state.The state recorded 714 cases on Sunday, a decrease on the Christmas Day figure of 765. Chief health officer Dr John Gerrard said the dip was a result of lower testing on Christmas Day and that numbers would likely be substantially higher in coming days. Chief health officer John Gerrard said about 75 per cent of the current cases were of the Omicron variant, while about 25 per cent were of the Delta variant.“Three-quarters of the patients that we have seen in Queensland to date in the last two weeks with Covid-19 have been under the age of 35,” Dr Gerrard said.“So it’s a young cohort. We haven’t seen a lot of older people with the infection at this stage.”There are currently no patients in the intensive care unit – something Dr Gerrard said he did not want to “overemphasise” as he pointed out the majority of patients were young.“It’s interesting and we’re watching it with great interest, but our age group (of patients) is young,” he said.“It’s early days because we’re going to be seeing tens of thousands of patients and we haven’t seen a big spread among the elderly group yet.“Things are likely to change in the coming weeks.”The chief health officer also issued an appeal for pregnant women to come forward to get the jab – saying “a lot” had not yet been vaccinated against the virus.“Covid-19 is a very bad infection to get during pregnancy – it’s bad for the mother and it’s bad for the unborn baby,” Dr Gerrard said.Download the Courier Mail app

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