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Sad details of Dusty’s dad’s shock death



Shane Martin died earlier this month aged 54. New Zealand Police said there did not appear to be any suspicious circumstances.Dr Jarrod Gilbert co-wrote Shane’s biography, A Rebel in Exile, detailing his life as a member of Australia’s Rebels motorcycle gang after moving across the ditch from New Zealand as a 20-year-old, and revealed in a piece for the NZ Herald Shane was found “face-down on his kitchen floor” and “died all alone”. The Herald Sun reports Shane died of a suspected heart attack.Shane Martin was deported from Australia in 2016 on the grounds of bad character. He had his visa cancelled under section 501 of the Australian Immigration Act, which states people can be deported if they have a “substantial” criminal record, and he was also denied entry into Australia last year when he flew into Sydney before being forced to return to Auckland.Shane’s deportation meant he couldn’t spend as much time with his family as he wanted to, but Dr Gilbert said he was treated unfairly.“That membership (of the Rebels) wasn’t illegal,” Dr Gilbert wrote for the NZ Herald. “If he’d been given a choice to break from the club to stay with his family, he would have chosen his family.“He wasn’t given that choice.“There was no evidence he was some gang crook.“No evidence has ever been presented to suggest that at all, but he was torn from his family nevertheless.“On that basis it was a remarkable abuse of power and a terrible injustice.”Dr Gilbert said Shane was “warm, friendly and generous” but also spoke of a “bitterness” that “ate away at him” and “stabbed at him from the moment he woke, chasing him throughout the day and invaded his dreams at night”. It was a pain that stemmed from being kept away from his kids — including Dustin and the footy star’s two brothers, Tyson and Bronson. Dr Gilbert added Shane’s love for his kids was obvious, saying: “Shane loved his three boys like nothing else. He talked about them all the time.”Dustin has won three grand finals with Richmond since 2017 and had previously spoken publicly to request permission for his father to be allowed to return to Australia to watch him play during the Tigers’ recent premiership victories.The 30-year-old footballer told Fox Footy earlier this year it was his dream to win another grand final with his dad watching in the grandstand. “I love my dad and he’s made me the man I am today,” Dustin said. “I’ve got full belief he’ll back here to watch us win another flag.“That’s my dream to be able to have the old man up there (in the grandstand) with the rest of my family and watch the Tiges win another flag.”

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