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Road toll deaths rise around Australia



Road deaths are on the rise around Australia, with almost every state and territory recording big increases in fatalities.

In the 12 months to March 31, it was only New South Wales and the Northern Territory that did not record increases in on-road deaths, with NSW the only state on track to meet its road safety targets by 2030.

Nationally, there were 1204 deaths on Australian roads in that time – an annual increase of 5.9 per cent, according to the Australian Automobile Association.

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That's 19 per cent higher than the maximum target outlined in the National Road Safety Strategy, which looks to halve road deaths by 2030.

NSW did record the highest deaths tally in that period, with 289 – an unchanged number on the previous 12 months.

Queensland recorded 281 deaths, up from 276, while Victoria's toll rose to 259 from 236 the year prior.

Western Australia recorded 180 deaths (up from 154), South Australia 93 (up from 85), Tasmania 48 (up from 44), the ACT 17 (up from 10) and the NT 37 (down from 43).

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A car after a crash

"Road deaths have increased over the past five years, and a lack of road trauma data reporting makes it difficult to understand the reasons for this trend and to identify the measures needed to prevent them," AAA managing director Michael Bradley said.

"The unwillingness of governments to collect or report data needed to measure targets undermines the Strategy's credibility and inhibits an evidence-based response to Australia's worsening road safety performance.''

Since the launch of the National Road Safety Strategy in January 2021, road deaths have risen by 9.8 per cent annually.

The latest figures also show an increase in road deaths compared to pre-pandemic years.

In the year to March 2020, 1143 people died on Australian roads and in the 12 months to March 2019 there were 1155 deaths, compared to 1204 in the 12 months to March 2023.

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