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Rescue mission for Australian scientist in Antarctica



A rescue mission is on the way to a scientist in an Antarctic research station.

The Australian Antarctic Division said the icebreaker ship RSV Nuyina had left Hobart last week, en route to Casey Research Station on the Antarctic Coast, more than 3800km due south of Perth.

An AAD spokesperson told an expeditioner at the station needed specialist medical assessment and care for a developing medical condition.

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The Nuyina will bring them back to Australia.

"The wellbeing of our people is our highest priority," the spokesperson said.

"The ship was prepared over the previous few weeks, including loading helicopters for use in the evacuation."

The expeditioner's family is being kept up to date.

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All other personnel on stations are accounted for and safe.

The Australian Antarctic Division maintains four permanent research stations.

Three of them, Mawson, Casey, and Davis, are on the frozen continent's coast.

The fourth, Macquarie Island, is in the sub-Antarctic region.

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