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Reports of gunshots send Perth school into lockdown



Police have reassured residents in Perth's north they have nothing to be worried about after a school was locked down twice over reports of multiple gunshots.

Students as young as six at Clarkson Primary School were told to hide under their desks just before 1.20pm (3.20pm AEST) on Wednesday as police flooded the suburb looking for a potential shooter but later said the sounds were likely a car backfiring.

"We had to go under the tables and we were, like, scared and everyone was, like, crying and we, like, tucked under the tables and, like, we were just really frightened," one student told 9News.

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The lockdown lasted about half an hour but about 2.20pm more apparent shots rang out and students were forced back into hiding.

"We all heard the gunshots from where we live, we're all local," one parent said.

"… frightened, just wanted her home. I just wanted to come collect our kids."

Police said the children were released about 3pm, but it took more time for them to be reunited with worried parents.

Despite the disruption, which included specially trained Tactical Response Group officers on hand should the worst have happened, Acting Inspector Les Andrews said there was no evidence of any shots being fired.

He assured nearby residents they were safe to leave their homes and go about their normal lives.

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Clarkson Primary School lockdown after reports of shots fired on Wednesday, September 13, 2023

"We've conducted a number of patrols and investigations," he said.

"There's no further reports of noises heard, there's no indications of any damage being occurred through projectiles hitting buildings or weapons, and there's certainly no reports of people being hurt."

Andrews said there were still "a number of possibilities" for what caused the noises but police were "very comfortable" it was not a firearm.

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Clarkson Primary School lockdown after reports of shots fired on Wednesday, September 13, 2023

"On the second one, we are aware that there was a series of eight noises heard in sequences of either two or three at a time, which appear to be mobile," Andrews said.

"So initial indications, it may well be a car backfiring, and that is what our thoughts are."

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