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Queensland tradies help police track down armed trio



Two tradies who stepped in to stop a trio of teenagers allegedly trying to rob a home have been praised for their bravery.

Connor and Jacob had been working on a home in Indooroopilly, in Queensland's south-east, last on Tuesday morning when an alarm went off a few houses down.

Their boss Travis Kesson said the pair could see straight away something appeared to be "suspect" and went to investigate.

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"The Porsche had been sort of backed in and then the doors had been kicked open," Kesson said.

"So one of the boys, Connor, sort of reached in and pulled the keys out of the Porsche so they couldn't take off."

Two of the young alleged bandits ran away while a third confronted the tradies with a knife while his face was covered with a balaclava.

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Two of the young men ran away while a third allegedly confronted the tradies with a knife.

Kesson said the tradies never expected to run into someone with a knife but he couldn't be prouder of the way they handled themselves.

"They were able to avoid anyone getting hurt and help people with their property, get the property back and stop them from robbing the house," he said.

"It was good that they took it upon themselves to sort of pay attention to what's happening, not just ignore that something was going on in the community."

Three teenagers were eventually arrested by police.

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They have been charged with several offences including attempted break-in of a dwelling and attempted armed robbery.

Two of the teenagers are facing a charge of possessing a knife, while one is accused of possessing a dangerous drug.

One of the teenagers has also been charged over wearing a balaclava.

Police said the teenagers would be dealt with under the provisions of the Youth Justice Act.

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