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Queensland Health staff under and overpaid in huge payroll bungle



Queensland healthcare workers could be missing millions in wages as health staff have been both over and underpaid, the state government revealed today.

The issue was only recognised after a Queensland Health worker came forward saying their pay was incorrect. 

Over 2500 employees have been identified as being overpaid, totalling a collective $23,000.

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Another 1200 staff were then identified as being overpaid in a further investigation, totalling over $268,000 in overpaid wages.

"We have underpayments and overpayments every single year, we've got 120,000 staff, many are shift workers," Queensland Health Minister Yvette D'Ath said

She said those who have been overpaid have not been asked to return the money.

The health minister also admitted the number of people underpaid could soar as investigations continue. 

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Queensland Health has underpaid and over paid thousands of employees

"It could be in the millions. Our under and overpayments are in the millions every year because we've got a $16 billion payroll," D'Ath said.

Queensland Health says it hopes to repay those underpaid by the end of the financial year.

The organisation's director-general, Shaun Drummond, said the department is considering a rolling audit to help mitigate issues brought about by such a large payroll system.

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