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Qantas offering 'neighbour-free' travel – for a price



People flying on Qantas will now have the option to book themselves a little more room in economy class as "neighbour-free" seating rolls out for all comers.

Previously an option for top-end frequent flyers, the offer is now available to anybody booking a seat on select Qantas domestic flights.

Essentially, people will be offered the chance to "book" the seat next to them for an extra fee, ensuring they can spend the flight with a bit more space on their elbow than usual.

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Passengers on eligible flights will receive an email 48 hours prior to take-off asking if they want to take up the option.

The fees will cost between $30 and $65.

And there are no guarantees – right up until takeoff, the seat could be filled for security or safety reasons.

If that happens, the customer will get a refund.

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