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Qantas flight returns to Fiji over report of fumes in cabin



A Qantas flight departing Fiji was forced to turn back following concerns some passengers could smell fumes in the cabin.

QF102 landed back in Nadi yesterday after making a priority landing call to return to the airport.

Early indications are that the fumes were from an oven in the galley of the aeroplane.

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No passengers were affected by the fumes and the plane landed safely.

An investigation is underway.

A number of Qantas flights were turned back or forced to land in recent days, including an Auckland-Sydney flight that lost use of an engine.

Two flights out of Melbourne had to turn back and land on Friday.

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And on Thursday a Sydney-Fiji flight had to turn back as a precaution over a potential mechanical issue.

No injuries or accidents have taken place.

Qantas was recently named the world's safest airline for 2023, according to prominent website Airline Ratings.

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