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Police investigate after men exposed themselves and harassed women on houseboat



Police are investigating after a group of women were harassed by a boat full of men over the weekend on the Murray River on the Victoria-NSW border.

The nine women were relaxing on the houseboat on Saturday afternoon when the group of men on a pontoon boat began asking if they could join them.

After the women declined, the men become verbally aggressive and soon after, some men climbed onto the women's houseboat, while others exposed themselves and threw glass bottles.

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Police said the pontoon boat was driven into the houseboat several times, before the men left the area.

Shocking video footage also captured the moment the men started throwing glass bottles at the boat.

"We were on another pontoon boat and we had children on board and the men were exposing themselves, yelling profanities and had their fingers up," Sandra – who doesn't want to be identified – told Neil Mitchell this morning.

"It was the the most vile behaviour."

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Moama on Murray manager Damien Nunan told 9News in a statement the behaviour of the men was "disgraceful".

"I would have to say that it was my worst experience of dealing with a group by a long way in more than 15 years of experience," he said.

"It has left us with a very bad taste in our mouth.

"The group were very aggressive and threatening in their behaviour and were captured yelling derogatory comments to the female guests on our houseboat, boarding their boat without their consent and throwing full beer bottles at the houseboat upon their departure."

The incident was reported to officers attached to Murray River Police District, who are investigating.

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