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Petrol prices through the roof and unlikely to come down soon



Petrol prices around the country are through the roof in a worrying sign of what's to come for motorists.

One service station in Brisbane reached $2.24 a litre for unleaded yesterday – 3c/L more than Queensland's previous high in March.

And the pain is being felt around the country.

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Sydney prices have reached $2.26/L, while Melbourne and Adelaide have both matched Brisbane's highs of $2.24/L.

Industry experts fear things won't improve any time soon.

Prices are expected to rise further through the current cycle.

And the fuel excise coming to an end in September will compound the hit to the wallet.

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In the short term, the long weekend in some states and territories is expected to push prices up further in coming days.

The federal government had previously ruled out extending the excise cut, but has pledged other cost of living relief measures.

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